Fashion Vixen: Taylor Swift Sexy but Sweet!

New York, NY – Taylor Swift shows-off her new light brown hair color as she exits her apartment in NYC.  The slim star looked extraordinary in her darker hairdo, white and grey pleated skirt, a matching grey and white crop top, hot pink suede pumps and canary yellow portfolio purse.

Selena Gomez: Bohemian Princess in Italy

Singer, Selena Gomez, resembles a bohemian princess as she walks around the beautiful streets of Ischia, Italy.  She was there to attend the Ischia Global Film & Music festival.

Selena seemed to be having a blast walking around the pebbled streets in her mile-high white gladiator sandals, if we may say so, SO HOT!

She even stopped to give a lucky boy not only a picture but a kiss on the cheek.  A move this kid will never forget.

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez: Unlikely Pair Madly in Love?

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez had mouth dropping when pictures of them emerged as a real-life-couple.  The unlikely couple was spotted vacationing together in Sardinia, Italy and have been seen lounging in luxury yachts, riding horseback through the Italian countryside, and making out in the Millionare Nightclub in Italy.

The two allegedly have hooked-up in the past and have bonded over their sobriety issues, with E! Online claiming that Zac Efron is into Michelle’s laid back attitude, and that she just gets him.



The two met two years ago on a different vacation but seem to have recently gone from friends to lovers. Michelle’s last relationship also had people talking about her fondness for PDA when she was shot with hot model, Cara Delevingne, making-out at a Knicks Basketball game, while Zac Efron has kept his relationships under the radar since his very public relationship with his co-star of High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens.  He has been plagued with gay rumors throughout his career and has said that the rumors don’t bother him at all. So it begs the question, are Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, sexually fluid people who are comfortable being with either sex? or is this one big publicity stunt to give their slowing careers a jump start? Weigh in and let us low what you think.

Lana Del Rey Finds Summertime Loving with Italian Boyfriend

Sultry singer, Lana Del Rey, has moved on from her troubled relationship with her ex Barrie-James O’Neil, to a new italian boy toy by the name of Francesco Carrozzini.

She was seen with him in Italy, where the two lovebirds looked like they were coming out of a sexy Italian film when they both hoped on a scooter and drove away into the sunset.

Man Candy: Shemar Moore and his Impeccable Body in Miami

Criminal Minds actor, Shemar Moore, showed off his impeccable physique while he vacationed in Miami beach during the 4th of July weekend.  The sexy star was not short of fans who wanted to be around him, especially the ladies, who posed with him in the water.  He was later spotted posing with a fan who got picked up by him for her unique photo opportunity.

Shemar Moore was not only nice to the ladies but also picked up a young fan so that he could get a cool picture.  This, and many reasons more, is why Shemar Moore is one of the more desirable ‘Man Candy’ around.

Music Video: Sia ‘Chandelier’

If you thought the track ‘Chandelier’ was a new hit single from Rihanna, you would be wrong.

It belongs to Australian singer, Sia Furler, who sounds a lot like Rihanna but is nowhere close to being as brazen as Rihanna is.  Sia is notorious for covering her face even when she is performing, unlike Rihanna, who got kicked-off Instagram for showing too much skin.

This song, Chandelier, will most definitely have you wanting to swing from chandeliers, or at least throw back the drinks like the song goes, ‘one, two, three, drink!’

We are addicted! Hope it gets you going on your 4th of July celebrations too!

Happy 4th of July!

Gwen Stefani: Rock & Roll Mommy!

Leave it to Gwen Stefani to make motherhood look rock & roll in leather jogging pants, tribal tank top, red lipstick and platinum blonde hair.  The ultra chic singer took her boys, Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston for a day of cake pops and mani/pedis – an activity usually reserved for girls.

That didn’t deter Gwen Stefani, who as a mother is a step ahead of the curve, allowing her older sons, Kingston, and Zuma, to paint their nails neon green.

Do you think it’s cool that Gwen allows her boys to paint their nails?  Weigh in and let us know.

Man Candy: Tom Hardy in London

Man Candy of the Day: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy, spotted in East London on-set filming his roles as both Kray twins in the film ‘Legend’ .

In between takes he was seen smoking an E-Cigarette while he chatted with another actor.

After a day of filming, he gave up some of his free time to greet local residents that had been waiting to get a quick glimpse of the actor.

This sexy man is not only good looking but also a sweetheart.

Sexy Brits: Harry Styles Looks Like Jagger!

It’s no secret we like our Brits around here, and especially if they are boys.  So when Harry Styles was spotted out in London looking like Mick Jagger in his early-yummy-years, we must say we loved it.  What isn’t there to like, boyish good looks, check, a one-of-a-kind royal blue trench coat, check, walking with all the swagger in the world, check, a bandana worn around his head like Mick Jagger, check.

We can’t wait to see if he moves like Jagger too! and we don’t mean his dance moves.  ;)

Nicole Kidman’s Breast Mystery

Nicole Kidman looking amazing in China talking about her new movie

(AKM-GSI) Nicole Kidman had people raising their eyebrows when the once svelte star showed a curvier side with what appears to be a perky breast augmentation.

Actress, Nicole Kidman, is best know for her statuesque figure, for her svelte form, for her flat-chest, so it’s was a surprise when Nicole Kidman’s breasts seemed to pop out of her low-cut dress, Kim Kardashian style, and had everyone asking, where did she get those boobs?

Those nice, round, 20-year-old breasts that seem to defy gravity – the logical answer, only seems to be one – she had a breast augmentation.  And hey, why not!

Kim Kardashian is Now Kim Kardashian West!

(Florence, Italy)  Reality superstar, Kim Kardashian, has officially tied-the-knot with her famous rapper fiance, Kanye West in a reported ‘multi-million’ wedding that took place in Florence italy.

The one-of-a-kind nuptials were like what fairy tales are made of and featured real castles, grand mansions, jet planes, and even took place in two different countries – France and Italy.



Just as promised by Kanye West, no cost was too much for the uber famous couple, who rented out Chateau de Versailles for rehearsal dinner and the luxurious Belvedere Fort for their wedding.

Their wedding extravaganza is one to write about,

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