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Joe Jackson continues to be a douche and trying to make a buck out his dead son Michael Jackson. Joe is peeved that Michael didn’t leave him enough money to support him the rest of his life so he is suing and saying that MJ’s last will is not valid because he wasn’t in Los Angeles to sign it but instead signed in New York with a witness. Joe believes that he deserves to be supported because Michael told him that he would “always support” him according to Joe’s lawyer. Why would Michael want to leave money behind for the man that ruined his emotional well being and used him as a cash cow. Besides, I thought Joe was in the middle of starting a new business venture in the music business that would make him well off for his life anyhow. What a douche!


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    • MJFan4life -

    • 11/11/2009 at 20:45 pm

    I miss MJ so much…wish he was still around.

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