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Carrie Prejean throws a hissy fit when Larry King asks her a simple question about her legal woes. Carrie goes on live television and keeps telling Larry King that he is very “innapropriate”. Larry gets visibly upset at her and she in return decided to act like a two year old and refuse to talk to Larry King even though she is still clearly on camera. Before things got heated between the two, Larry asked genius Carrie who her heroe was and she chuckles and says “Sarah Palin”. When asked if she wanted Palin to ask for president, Carrie responded confused, what?!. Larry went on to repeat the question at which she answered to the likes of- “I think she would make a great president…but I think she is smart enough to get out of that!” First of all, Carrie, you actually ‘think?!’ AND second Of course you like Sarah Palin, you both know how to milk the media to make your money. Good job. Now all Sarah needs to be more like you is get a sex tape. Soon enough I am sure.

See her intellegence for yourself below:

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