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It’s been about a week since Casey Johnson was found dead at her home and pretty much since then ex-girlfriend Tila Tequila has been tweeting about it. Tila has been in the middle of this whole ordeal because when Casey died, Tila had custody of her dogs. Tila held the dogs hostage for a little when Casey’s childhood friends that included Nicky Hilton came over to take the dogs. Tila called the cops saying that they wanted to break in but eventually changed her story and said she didn’t want to give the dogs away because she thought they would be euthanized.

Tila Tequila said herself that she would stay away from the Twitter site to grieve her lost with friends and family but couldn’t stay away for long. Here is two of her tweets:

“Sorry everyone,” she wrote. “I should grieve in private. Thats why I was off twitter for so long but a hurting human can only take so much being alone.”

“PPL say I need 2 get off twitter & grieve with friends & family…WHERE? I DONT HAVE ANY! Casey was my only family & my Dogs! Worst day ever”

Since Casey’s death, Tila has tweeted at least 160 times about it. Is Tila truly hurting and doesn’t anyone to turn to? or Is she just using this tragedy to boost her career? You be the judge.


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