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Actress Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have been separated for a while and things have been amicably since. Things might change now that Denise Richards might have to testify against Charlie in court due to his current domestic violence case with wife Brooke Mueller. The Aspen police department has obtained documents that Denise filed back in December 30, 2005 were she accuses Charlie of having had pushed her while she had their daughter Lola in her hands, which in turn made her fall. She also claimed that Charlie threaten her life as she was walking 0ut, screaming ” I hope you f**king die, b*tch!” and told Denise he was going to have her kill because she didn’t know who she was messing with. After this incident with Denise, the LAPD granted her a restraining order against Charlie which since has been lifted. Denise Richards plans to testify in the Brooke Mueller case but only if she is forced to.

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