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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has left the home she shared with husband Jesse James after cheating allegations broke out. Sandra Bullock has been a huge fan of her husband, always giving him high praises were she could, but it seems everything wasn’t so sweet at home. It appears that while Sandra was out earning her Oscar trophy for the Blind Side, Jesse James was at home cheating on her with a tattooed vixen who has come out with the story. The woman responsible for selling the story to In Touch magazine is a tattoo model and claims Jesse and herself had a long affair that ofter took place at Westside Choppers.

Sandra Bullock must have some serious proof that the story is true because she is the last to jump to tabloid stories. For her to actually move out of the home seems to be proof enough that the affair actually happened.

Jesse James was just spotted this morning dropping off his kids at school and heading to work at Westside Choppers. A religious ‘saint’ card was seen on the visor of his car, presumably to protect him from evil.


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