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Actor Charlie Sheen had agreed to go to jail for assaulting his wife last Christmas, but only because he was going to get off easy. In his plea bargain, Charlie was going to be able to get out of jail from 8am to 8pm for a “useful public service” allowed by the Aspen police where he was going to volunteer his services at a local theater group. The brakes were put on his plans, when the jailer in charge of the “U.P.S.” program refused to give Charlie a get-out-of-jail card, because he wanted Charlie Sheen to adhere to all the rules all the other jail mates from the program have to follow.
Beverly Campbel, Petkin County’s Jail Administrative officer, wants Charlie not to be allowed to “eat, drink sodas, or smoke when he’s working at the Aspen Theatre.”
She also wants Charlie to follow the regular work hours that the other inmates follow, working only the hours from 10am to 4pm and serving the rest of their sentence in jail. Charlie Sheen had plea bargained to work in the theater from 8am to 8pm, believing that his sentence was going to be a piece of cake.
Since the change in terms, Charlie’s lawyers have refused to take the plea bargain. It yet remains to be seen what will actually happen to Charlie while in Aspen jail.

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