Paris Hilton at the 2007 Scream Awards.Image via WikipediaParis Hilton seems to have someone looking out for her, because for the third time she was caught with drugs and for the third time she might get away with it.  Paris Hilton was partying it up with her entourage in Vegas, making a transit from one casino to the next, when she and her friends got pulled over.  The reason? The police officers viewed large amounts of ‘smoke’ coming out of the SUV where Paris was riding in and immediately pulled them over.  
(For those of you who don’t know, Las Vegas has zero tolerance for drugs).  
The driver, Paris’ boyfriend Cy Waits,  got arrested for a D.U.I while Paris and her entourage where outside of the car being interrogated.  A large crown formed on the streets, taking pictures and video with their cameras while the whole event unravel. 
Paris asks an officer if she can go inside the Wynn Casino for privacy, and the officer agrees. Paris proceeds to grab a Chapstick out of her bag in front of officers inside the Wynn, and surprise, a small bag of cocaine falls out.  Paris is immediately placed under arrest for possession of an illegal substance.  She is later released on her own recognisance.
Here is what the officer told the AP:

“Sgt. John Sheahan told the AP that during the arrest, Hilton asked to go inside the Wynn hotel for privacy. At that time, Sheahan said, Hilton pulled out a tube of lip balm and “a bindle of cocaine in a plastic bag came out of her purse” in plain view of police in the room. Another officer characterized it as a “small amount.”

Since the arrest, Paris has hired the hottest lawyer in Las Vegas and is not worried that this is going to affect her negatively.  This year alone, Paris has been caught twice in two different locations with marijuana.  Both times Paris was let go with no charges because she ‘proved’ it was someone else’s. She is telling friends she is not ‘fazed’ by it at all.
Earlier in the week, Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy caught an intruder in her home in Los Angeles.  The man was arrested and had two different large knives that he was carrying. 


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