Jennifer Grey and Derek HoughImage by trhnlhi via FlickrBehind a lot of controversy and injuries, Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough take home the coveted mirror ball trophy from Dancing with the Stars.  From week one, the two seemed unstoppable but were being trailed by Bristol Palin and her partner. 

The underdog, Bristol Palin, seemed to be safe week by week in spite of the fact that better dancers were been voted off before her.  In essence making Dancing with the Stars a popularity contest instead of a talent competition.

However, the talent prevailed and Jennifer and Derek were found to be the ultimate winners.  Jennifer was surprised that she won and even almost didn’t make it to the finale because of injuries acquired during the show.
“I didn’t even think about winning when I first started. This is so unbelievable,” is what Jennifer expressed to after been asked how she felt about her victory. 

Jennifer has survived cancer and “4” neck surgeries and a strenuous amount of pain to get that coveted trophy.  


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