Actress Christina Applegate introduces her new baby girl, Sadie Grace, on the cover of People magazine. Christina gets candid with the popular celebrity magazine, talking about her fears during the pregnancy, how she didn’t enjoy being pregnant, and how Sadie made her realize the more important things in life.

When asked about her pregnancy, Christina gets honest and says that she was miserable during the first trimester since not only did she have bad morning sickness, but she was also suffering from bronchitis.  To make matters worse, Christina was in danger of getting cancer again because she carries the dangerous BRCA1 mutation gene that can get stimulated by pregnancy hormones.

Christina tells People magazine-

“I really envy woman who are pregnant and look fantastic and they’re overjoyed and glowing. I was not glowing, I was miserable, angry person.”

However, after her first trimester, Christina regained some energy and prepared her body for the baby.  Only to be knocked back down during her last trimester by fears of her baby’s health…

“My doctor put it best because he saw me upset and scared. Not about being a parent, but because I just wanted to make sure she was okay.”

Christina also confessed about her heartache about not being able to breastfeed her baby, (Christina had to have a double mastectomies when she had breast cancer), and how being in the hospital with uninformed nurses made it worse.  
She recalls being asked repeatedly about why she didn’t want to breastfeed her baby, even though she had made it clear in her birth plan that it was not a possibility-

“You don’t know how many times they asked me, ‘So, are you going to breast-feed?”, “I tried not to freak them out and just say, ‘No, I’ve chosen not to.'”

To read more on this touching interview and see more pictures of Christina Applegate with her whole family, pick up the latest edition of People magazine (Feb. 28, 2011).  Meanwhile check out some of the pictures here-

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