Cropped photo of Ann CurryImage via WikipediaOctomom Nadya Suleman brought her octuplets to the TODAY studio for their first live appearance and let’s just say things didn’t go as planned.  

The kids were introduced by name at the beginning of the show while Nadya sat on the carpet with them as Ann Curry introduced them.  One of Nadya’s older daughters was there to help with the chaos, but the poor girl didn’t have enough hands to control her little brothers and sisters.

As Ann Curry attempted to interview Nadya, the kids went amok during the live interview, running the studio and set to the ground.  Literally!

As Nadya watched on calmly and attempted to hold down the forte with a few of the kids, the others ran around the studio out of control.  It was obvious by their behavior that Nadya has more on her plate than she can handle.

At one point, one of the kids (Noah), took a nose dive straight into the lighting behind the set while Nadya watched on with amazement.  The first person to react was none other then his older sister who ran over along with Ann Curry to rescue the still upside down kids from the lighting set-up.  Not until then did Nadya react and go and check what was going on repeating the phrase “strong” to her little fallen toddler.  

Nadya Suleman was as usual defensive about her actions and claimed slander against InTouch magazine who wrote an article claiming Nadya hated her kids and regretted having so many.  In fact, Nadya claimed to Ann Curry that she loves children, she always has, and she especially loves hers.  

Nadya exclaimed to Ann “I love children, I would do anything for my kids.  I live for my kids!

As far as her financial situation, Nadya Suleman claims to now have a management team who is getting her appearances and boxing matches.  (Boxing matches?!!).  Nadya claims to be learning the sport and actually getting pretty good at it.  She also claims that she is on her way to becoming a personal trainer, even confessing that she exercises on the elliptical 40 miles a week.  Wow! where does she find the time?!

She also explained that she has not been or ever will be on government assistance because she would consider it a failure.  

Nadya declared to Ann Curry- “I’ve never in my life been on [welfare], and I never will!”

(See a clip of the chaos that happened in the studio after the jump…)

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