Actress January Jones may be new to being famous, but the sultry actress is gaining speed fast.  January Jones is one of the main actress in the hugely successful  show Mad Men, and only really became part of the public eye, when a paparazzo shot her coming out of a cab, wearing the same green dress she had worn the night before looking a bit disheveled.  The story went something like “January Jones got some” and “January Jones does the walk of shame” alluring to the idea that January had a one-night stand and was coming home after.

January Jones confessed to Allure magazine that she was not doing the walk of shame at all, but was actually coming home from a friends house.  Jones claims that she let the driver assigned to her go home and that is why she had to take a cab from her friends home.  

January tells Allure- 

I wish my life was that scandalous, like I’d go from an ocean charity event to some tawdry affair.”

Yet January Jones would soon eat her words, since that is almost exactly what happened in her real life a few months later. 
January Jones announced just few months after this shot was taken, that she was pregnant but would not reveal who the father is. Tsk-tsk!

January Jones was accurate when she told Allure’s interviewer- 

Being watched by the paparazzi, is like having really strict parents.” 

Including being exceptionally candid with the magazine, January Jones took out her modeling chops and shot an amazing set of pictures for Allure magazine. 

Jones channels Marilyn Monroe in her picture spread and has an uncanny ability to ooze sexuality in these pictures.  January Jones has been compared to Grace Kelly in the past, but with her outspoken, sexy and wild personality, Jones comes closer to being a Marilyn Monroe than a Grace Kelly. 

Check out more sexy pictures of January Jones inside the pages of Allure magazine (June 2011) and even more on

Meanwhile, check out Jones using her modeling skillz in this special video from Allure Magazine-


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