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We have been long anticipating the public debut of Mariah Carey‘s baby twins, and we are so excited to announce the day has come. Mariah Carey and her talented hubby Nick Cannon did an exclusive interview with whom else, but Barbara Walters, to introduce her adorable twins to the world.

Mariah Carey has been amazing at keeping her baby under wraps from the paparazzi for a long time, and now the big day has arrived for the famous offspring to make their big debut.

Mariah Carey has always been great at sharing her life with her fans, and is known
to go to Aspen every year to share the holiday celebrations with her family.  Mariah Carey skipped out last year on her traditional stay in Aspen for the holiday season, but promised to come this year, twins in arms.

We love you Mariah and always look forward to your works of art!  =)

Can’t wait to see what the little munchkins look like!

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