Jessica Simpson kept the world waiting, with the thought of, is she? or isn’t she? pregnant when her weight began to rapidly rise a few months back.  Jessica has always had trouble with her weight, so everyone in the media was cautious of making assumptions.

However, Jessica kept wearing baggy clothes to hide her bulging belly, while her whole family kept mum about the the whole situation. Fueling speculation that she might be in fact expecting a little one.

Just today, Jessica tweeted this photo of herself dressed as a mummy, and wrote on her official website “It’s True! I am going to be a mummy!”.  Really?! we didn’t know!

It’s unclear why Jessica decided to keep her pregnancy somewhat secret for so long, but we sure are glad she is going to have her dreams come true. Congrats Jess! We hope all is going well.  Thanks for the great news! Although secretly, we already knew.

 Jessica Simpson/Twitter

Jessica also tweeted this awesome picture of herself with her adorable fam.  How Cute are they!!

How far along do you think Jessica is? We guess 7 Months.

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