Leonardo Di CaprioImage via WikipediaActress troubled starlet, Lindsay Lohan, seems to think that she is still on top of the A-list in Hollywood, but the security at celeb favorite Roosevelt Hotel let her know otherwise.

Lindsay showed up all glamed-up to the Roosevelt, where a party for Leonardo Di Caprio‘s movie, “J. Edgar”, was taking place.  Lindsay walked to posh event, still with make-up and hair from her Playboy photo shoot, expecting to walk right into the event.

Not so fast, said the security. Stopping her at the door to Lindsay’s dismay.  A source told the New York Post that she could be overheard dropping celebrities names like they were going out of style.  She kept saying to the guard- “I have to go and see Leo.”

Lindsay made such a scene, that she made the real A-list celebrities uncomfortable.  Even trying to reach Leo when she finally got in, but being shut down by Leo’s team.  Ouch!

It seemed everywhere Lindsay turned, she couldn’t catch a break.  Perhaps Hollywood is just as fed up with her, as the judge.

Lindsay Lohan’s next big event, jail time.


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