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Sexy singer, Jennifer Lopez, showed off her sexy curves while learning how to perform the Brazilian martial arts dance of Capoeira.

Jennifer Lopez looked fierce at 42 years of age, attempting to learn the highly specialized dance in jeans and a cropped red top.  Her hair was pulled back and she was barefoot to learn the martial art.

She showed off her world famous derriere in a tight pair of jeans, but what was most on display was her amazingly taunt tummy.

Did she really have twins?!

Her tummy was flat as a board and in perfect form.  J.Lo is a perfect example of what women can look like if they take care of their bodies.  It takes a ton of discipline and commitment, but you can still look amazing after 40.

As a matter of fact, Jennifer Lopez has never looked better.

Check out her taut belly and dangerous curves here.

More pictures of Jennifer Lopez learning copoeria here.

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