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Singer Hilary Duff has mixed feelings about the paparazzi, but like a good sport, she has learned how to deal with the constant media attention. 

Hilary is no stranger to fame, she became mega famous by the time she was just a teen, but just in the last few years has the interest in her peaked with the paparazzi.

She talked to E! about how she has mixed feelings about the paparazzi.  She talked about her arrival at a Toronto’s national airport, and how she was been photographed the whole time she tried to walk to her friend who was there to pick her up.

She explains how at one point she became stuck at the curb with her luggage cart, and that the paparazzi let her struggle, but then she overheard them saying that they should help her so she doesn’t fall.

Although it seemed Hilary wanted to give the photographers the benefit of the doubt, she said that she knows the photographers would secretly like it if she actually fell.

That’s why she believes the business is so shady.

She rebuttal that not all paparazzi are bad. Some are actually nice and she has made peace with most of them.  She doesn’t mind the nice ones as much as the ones who are overly aggressive and who will do anything to get the shot-

“I’m pretty pleasant to them now, and they are usually pretty kind to me,” she said. “So hopefully there’s a little bit more respect that goes into it. I’m not the first person in Hollywood to have a baby. Other people have found a way to deal with it and I think I will, too.”

What she hates more is becoming the focus of attention everywhere she goes.  She says that eventually, the people aren’t even taking pictures of her, but of the paparazzi who are taking pictures of her.  Turning her daily life into a scene.

Hilary Duff says-
 “The thing is when everyone is creating a ruckus around you, everyone else that’s standing around, it’s embarrassing, because they’re like who is that, what’s going on over there? And you’re just like, oh, I feel so helpless right now. And then the normal people start taking pictures of the paparazzi taking your picture. It’s just a domino effect of situations that are happening.”

Eventually Hilary Duff believes that the paparazzi attention might become overwhelming and then she will move her family up north to Toronto, Canada.

She then thought hard about her latest run in with the paparazzi in Toronto and exclaimed- “Maybe Edmonton!


Editors Note:

It is nice to see a celebrity actually get real about the paparazzi.  Not all are bad. Hilary is dead on as far the paparazzi are concerned.  Yes, there are paparazzi who would rejoice if she fell down, but most would feel horrible and would not want that to happen.

Paparazzi record the everyday mundane lives of celebrities because that is literally history in the making.  How else would news be made? The news just happen. The paparazzi are just there to record it.

If paparazzi were to be around only when celebrities wanted them around, then it wouldn’t be news.  We would go back to the golden time of Hollywood when movie moguls were in charge of what you saw and didn’t see.

That’s the beauty of paparazzi styled news.  You are going to see celebrities as they are as human beings and not who they want you to see.

Hilary Duff is right on the money about some of the paparazzi, there are really bad seeds in this business. No denying that.

However, most paparazzi that I have come across are nice and have families of their own.  They are there to do a job, take pictures of celebrities, whomever their subject may be, and they want to go home.

They are not sitting maliciously together in a huddle figuring out ways to screw celebrities.

Like Hilary explained, the respect works both ways.  If the celebrity shows respect to the photographers, most photographers will do the same back. If the celebrity spits, throws things, hits, or insults, then the obvious human reaction is to want to fight back.

Point being- let’s all respect each other and turn negatives into positives.  Paparazzi and celebrities really can get along and have a harmonious relationship.

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