(ASPEN, CO) Actor Kellan Lutz is best known for playing immortals Vampire Emmett Cullin in “Twilight” series and Greek god Poseidon in “Immortal”, but the actor looks best playing a mortal in the real world.

Kellen Lutz looked steaming hot as he walked around the streets of Aspen, CO, taking pictures and doing some window shopping with some friends.  The attractive actor downplayed his fame when he was discovered by the paparazzi, even chit chatting with them and asking “who else was in town?”.

By who else, he meant who else that is famous is around town.  At which the paparazzi were happy to fill in the curious actor by telling him that divalicious Mariah Carey was in town, along with hottie Antonio Banderas.

Kellen looked effortlessly sexy wearing more layers of clothing than a grandmother on a cold winter day.  So sexy in fact that we couldn’t help but to think – Robert Pattinson? Taylor Lautner? Who?


UPDATE: This picture made into the glossy pages of OK! Magazine and Us Magazine Blog


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