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(Manhattan, New York) Cooking sensation Paula Deen has come out and admitted to the Today Show that she in fact does have Type 2 diabetes.

The cheerful cook told the popular morning show that she was diagnosed three years ago and only her family knew about it. When she found out about her diagnosis, she came home and told them- “I am gonna keep this close to my chest for the time being.”

Morning host Al Roker asked Paula if she had not told her fans about her health issues because it would jeopardize her unhealthy eating franchise.  Paula denies such allegations and tells Al “people are not gonna quit eating”.

She was quick to point out that she is working with a “reputable” pharmaceutical company to tailor a program for people with Diabetes. She promises to help out all her fans who are dealing with the debilitating decease.

Paula also points out that although her southern cooking can be considered fattening, she has always told people to do it in moderation, or as she told Oprah herself- “honey, I’m your cook, not your doctor”


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