(Malibu, CA) If you have been asking yourself, whose that girl in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie you are not alone.  Actress Rooney Mara is a newcomer to the world of Hollywood and she may seem familiar to you because she was was in 2010 blockbuster “the Social Network” playing Mark Zuckerberg jaded ex-girlfriend.

Still doesn’t seem familiar? well that may be the point.  When Rooney was picked to be in the American version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she believes it was done so because the director wanted it to be that way, she tells Allure magazine

I don’t think [director] David [Fincher]’s intention was ever to hire someone well known,””To make this movie, he needed someone that people were unfamiliar with because it’s the only way they would really believe this character. She’s such mystery.  You couldn’t hire someone that people already have a relationship with.

To prove her point, Scarlett Johansson tried out for the part among other Hollywood heavyweights and lost out to the little known Rooney Mara.

In her Allure cover shoot, Rooney Mara resembles a glamorous celebrity, Rooney’s real self, however, seems to be as much as a misfit as her character from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Allure magazine describes Rooney in appearance as a “moody teenager trying to hide her bruised heart: Her waif like frame is swamped by a dark plaid long-sleeve shirt from J. Crew and baggy dark blue pants from Zara.  She’s wearing a beat-up pair of black boots by AllSaints”

The interview describes Rooney as a person- “Her voice is quietly intelligent, and she doesn’t smile or laugh very much.”  She came from a very affluent background, her grandfather founded the “Pittsburg Steelers” and her great grandfather founded the “New York Giants”.  Wow! talk about a family tree.

Check out exclusive behind the scenes footage from Rooney Mara Allure Cover Shoot here!

Read the rest of the interview in January 2012 edition of Allure Magazine.

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