Kate Hudson Getting Married in the Spring

According to this weeks InTouch Magazine , Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are getting married in t...

According to this weeks InTouch Magazine, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are getting married in the Spring.  Not once, but twice according to the tabloid.

Sources tell InTouch Magazine that Kate Hudson plans to get married in the English countryside but also plans to have a hippie California wedding -"This Spring, they'll marry in the English countryside, then do it all over again in California", a friend of the couple tells the magazine.

The Cali wedding is going to have Kate's easy spirit, while the English wedding will have more of the Muse's frontman touch.  In her California wedding, Kate Hudson plans to be easy going and relaxed - "She's going to to go barefoot and wear flowers in her hair" reports InTouch.

Kate Hudson might have to make a few dress alterations before getting to the altar, because the likable star appears to be pregnant in pictures taken of her in Aspen, CO.  Then again, it might be just be a some extra holiday food that she might have to work off.

Till we find out either news, whether she is getting married in two continents and/or pregnant, we will eagerly wait to find out more wedding details.

If we were to take a guess, we think the wedding if in California will take place in serene Malibu or posh Santa Barbara.  The paparazzi are on top of this top celebrity wedding so as soon as we find out, we will let you know the news.

Find this story in the latest edition of InTouch Magazine (January 16, 2012).

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