Lindsay Lohan

(Los Angeles, CA) Actress Lindsay Lohan is on the move from her Venice Beach condo since the location is not secure for the troubled actress.

Lindsay Lohan recently had a man show up at her front door who refused to leave until the cops came to arrest him.  He was later charged with trespassing and ordered to stay away from Lindsay.  It seems the courts ruling is not enough for Lindsay and she is putting her trendy home on the sale block.

Linday also seems to be on the move from liking girls to liking boys.  Lindsay has been known to like both sexes, so it’s no surprise she was spotted in LA with a male friend.  What was surprising is that Lindsay appears to be dating the late Dennis Hopper son, Henry Hopper.

What’s even more shocking is that Lindsay Lohan was spotted picking up booze from a store with her rumored new beau.  Being that she has been to rehab countless time and has claimed to be clean just as many times, it looks like Lindsay is falling back off the wagon.

It’s too bad because Lindsay has such a bright future ahead of her if she can just keep away from mind altering substances.  Perhaps it’s hard for Lindsay to stay clean because it seems the only way she can get any camera time is when she is in trouble.

Lindsay is so used to having the media attention on her that it seems it’s tough for the girl when the attention is not pointed her way.  Every time she has gotten clean and in the right track, the media seems to loose interest in her and move on to the next troublemaker.

To avoid this, Lindsay has been known to get back to her troublesome ways to make sure that her light of fame doesn’t go out.

Are you more shocked Lindsay is dating a guy or the fact that she is stocking up on booze?  Give us your opinion. 


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