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(Los Angeles, CA) Two and a Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher appears to have moved on from Demi Moore into the arms of a much younger woman.  Ashton Kutcher was spotted by paparazzi going to play with his new gal pal and a few friends at laser tag hangout Ultrazone.

This is not the first time Ashton was spotted with his new rumored love interest, Lorene Scafaria.  He was rumored to have taken her to the Madonna Oscar party where Demi Moore was rumored to make an appearance.  Demi Moore never made it to the party, and now we might know why.

Ashton Kutcher looked thrilled to be with his new girl, who is 16 years Demi Moore’s junior.  Demi Moore is 49, while screenwriter Lorene Scafaria is only 33.  Ashton was dressed for his day of laser tag, wearing a bright orange belt and orange shoes to be able to be identified while inside the dark facility.   He even sported some face paint to finish his look. Lorene was not far behind, wearing a lightning bolt on her face as she headed in with Ashton.

The duo were shot by the paparazzi on their way in, but as soon as the lovebird realized the paparazzi were hot on their track, the two separated.  Coming out of the facility separately.  If they are just friends, like Ashton’s publicist claims, then why are they going to such extends not be photographed together!

Has Ashton found new love? You be the judge.

See pictures of Ashton Kutcher and new rumored love interest here.


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