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(Calabasas, CA) Singing sensation Justin Bieber lost his squeaky clean image after he lost his cool on a paparazzo who he believed got too close to him and Selena.

It all happened after Justin Bieber and equally famous girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez, exited the Commons Shopping Center where they had just seen a movie.

It is not fully clear yet what really happened, but according to our sources at the scene, the paparazzo was not blocking Justin’s car like reported, but was instead taking pictures of Justin and Selena at their front windshield as they tried to exit out the parking space.

Justin Bieber was driving an extra large van and was having difficulty backing out with the flashes from the photographer.

After several attempts to back out and failing, Justin Bieber became frustrated and ran out of the car to confront the paparazzo, losing his famously untied shoes on the road, as he ran towards the paparazzo and struck him.

Selena Gomez ran after Justin, calming him down and talking some sense into him, even picking up his cap that he lost as he ran for the paparazzo.  The apparently ashamed duo left the area before police showed up to the scene.

Justin Bieber is currently wanted by Malibu police for questioning on the incident.

Justin Bieber recently moved to Calabasas to getaway from the Hollywood scene and the paparazzi, but unfortunately for him and Selena, they moved to the town where Britney Spears and other “A” list stars live and already has it’s own set of paparazzi who are in the area at all times for the other celebs that live there.

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