(Santa Monica, CA) Actress Alyson Hannigan and her adorable eldest daughter, Satyana, 3, caught up on some mommy and me time since the birth of Satyana’s little sister, Keeva Jane, who is just 1 month old.

Alyson showered her little tot with lots of love and affection and even allowed her to get a mani/pedi too.
The “How I Met Your Mother” actress couldn’t stop beaming as she looked on as her daughter got her first lesson in being a girly girl, getting her nails done.

Sweetie Satyana enjoyed getting her nails done so much, she couldn’t stop showing anybody that would look, and even was patient enough to wait for her nails to dry before getting up off her chair.

She was so sweet, she even tried to help get her mommy’s nails dry by blowing on them as the manicurist painted Alyson’s nails.

It is quite amazing to see that the little tot is so well behaved that not only did she not jump out of the seat when her nails were done, but she patiently waited on her famous mom’s lap while she finished her pampering.

Satyana played the “itsy bitsy spider” game with mommy as the duo sat on a chair.

Alyson was so delighted with her little tot getting her first manicure/pedicure that she took out her phone like any proud mother to capture the moment.  Satyana being as delightful as she is happily turned to her mom to show her the progress of her manicure.

Satyana looks well into her way into falling into the footsteps of her actor parents due to her unrelenting cuteness and many facial expressions.

The fact that the camera loves her and so do the paparazzi can almost guarantee her a future in Hollywood if she so ever desired.

Believe it or not, Alyson Hannigan herself made her first camera debut at only 3 months of age, when she was featured in  a parenting video called “Active Parenting”.  She also went to become a very successful child actor who was featured in commercials for McDonald’s and Duncan Hines cookies mix amongst many others.

The uber adorable duo finished pampering and later headed out to Barnes & Noble to pick up a brand new Nook, with Satyana happily marching all the way of course!

The next day, the mommy and daughter team were joined by Satyana’s daddy, Alexis Denisof, and her sweet newborn sister, to complete a perfect family weekend.

See pictures of Satyana’s lil’ sis, Keeva Jane, here!

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