(Los Angeles, CA) Megawatt sensation, Lady Gaga and actress Lindsay Lohan did what most of us want to do with them, they had an intimate girl only sleepover at the famed hotel Chateau Marmont.

The controversial ladies had fun posing for pictures, posing for each other, and yes, even played board games. Along with them was celebrity photographer Von Unwerth, and we are guessing she did not take the blurry picture above.

Unless of course the picture was purposely made to look that way to conceal bleary eyes.

If you are wondering how in the world these two famed, controversial stars came to know each other, it is because Lindsay Lohan stars alongside Lady Gaga in her acting debut in the movie “Machete”.

Lady Gaga/Twitter

We sure wish walls could talk because we can’t imagine what went on behind closed doors between these women.

Or actually, we CAN imagine and that’s why we so wish we were there!

After all, these girls just want to have fun!

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