(Justin Bieber/ Instagram) Is this the face of an innocent star or rebellious self-righteous celebrity?

(Los Angeles, CA) Yesterday, TMZ broke the news that Justin Bieber had been seen smoking pot out of a pipe by paparazzo, Chris Guerra, before the paparazzo lost his life after he got accidentally ran over on Sepulveda blvd. on New Years day trying to get shots of the star.

Now the celebrity website claims that sources close to Justin Bieber’s camp are completely denying the story and that paparazzo Chris Guerra was lying when he said that he believed he had seen Justin Bieber smoking out of a pipe earlier in the day before he got accidentally ran over trying to shoot what he thought to be Justin Bieber getting pulled over by the CHP – if that would have been proven to be true it would have been a major breaking news story.

Paparazzo Chris Guerra was accidentally ran over after he followed a CHP’s officers command to go back to his car after he was seen by the officer taking shots of the Ferrari because of the flashes his camera threw while he was trying to photograph the scene.

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Our sources tell us, Chris Guerra had already gotten off the freeway and parked on Sepulveda blvd. before running across the road to a linked fence that separates the freeway from the main road.

He was safely across the road, next to the fence attempting to shoot the pulled over Ferrari and officer, when he was ordered twice to go back to his car by the same cop.  When Chris finally followed the officers commands, he was struck by a SUV vehicle going southbound on Sepulveda blvd.

Sources tell us the reason why Chris Guerra was eager to get the photograph of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari pulled over by the CHP was because he believed he had witnessed Justin Bieber smoking marijuana out of a pipe earlier in the day in the car and probably believed the cops were going to probably arrest him for driving under the influence.

It unfortunately turns out that Justin Bieber was no longer in the car, but it was just his friend, lil Twist, who was the person driving car.

Earlier in the day, when Chris allegedly witnessed Justin smoking marijuana out of a pipe, he was stumped by another photographer who had spotted Justin’s white Ferrari and had come up to Justin to ask for pictures but Justin flatly denied him any pictures and was even successful in losing the two paparazzi before going off to lunch and returning to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills where paparazzo Chris Guerra had returned since he lost Justin and his white Ferrari.

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The unfortunate mix-up for paparazzo Chris Guerra came later on in the day, when he just saw Justin’s white Ferrari pull up to the front lobby of the Fours Seasons but did not see who was getting in it – the exclusive posh hotel has a wall covering most of their front entrance so that their famous clientele can come in and out without been seen.

Chris followed Justin’s Ferrari a short distance before it was pulled over on the 101 freeway, where Chris pulled out of the freeway into the street that runs parallel to the freeway known as Sepulveda Blvd. – a street known to Angelenos as the alternate to an often congested 101 freeway.

Sources close to TMZ and Justin Bieber deny, deny the story.  They tell TMZ –

The sources say multiple witnesses will say the only time Justin left the Four Seasons on New Year’s Day was to go to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood for lunch, and there was never a pipe in sight.”

These “sources” from TMZ only prove the paparazzo’s account of Justin Bieber coming out of the Four Season earlier in the day and do nothing to prove Justin was not smoking Marijuana. 

As far as the pipe is concerned – it’s unlikely anyone in Justin’s camp would tell TMZ that they have in fact seen Justin with a marijuana pipe or that Justin Bieber himself would openly walk around with a marijuana smoking pipe for everyone to see.

TMZ’s “well-connected” sources also claim that Chris Guerra made Justin Bieber’s life by harassing him and “following him and chasing him at any opportunity”.

(Justin Bieber/Instagram) Justin Bieber and new BFF lil Twist celebrate New Years 2013 in Mexico
Our paparazzi sources revealed to us that Chris Guerra had spent nearly the whole month of December in Aspen, Colorado where he was busy working on the celebrities that come out to the snowy town every time during Christmas time.  

Chris Guerra’s voice can clearly be heard in the video footage of a lot of stars during the time and even more so, he can be seen in a lot of pictures of celebrities been shot during that time in Aspen, CO, further proving the point that he was not in Los Angeles harrassing Justin Bieber.  

As far as trying to photograph him every time he has an opportunity, that was his job, if any entertainment photo journalist gets a chance to take a shot of Justin Bieber they probably will, it’s their responsibility as a journalist to photograph what they see.  Especially if he is committing an illegal activity in a public street.

(Instagram) Justin Bieber and lil Twist

Our sources also tell us exclusively that they have allegedly seen Justin Bieber smoking marijuana in the past in his Calabasas neighborhood but have been unable to get a shot of him doing it because he is well aware that he is being followed. The sources believe he thinks he is being careful by smoking in the car while driving because the paparazzi can’t get the shot.

A TMZ reader also claims that he has seen Justin Bieber and his new BFF, lil Twist, buying rolling papers in a Calabasas gas station, (Justin Bieber lives in Calabasas), and then twisting a joint while parked in Justin Bieber’s Ferrari –

“About a month ago I saw his boy lil twist buying rolling papers at the chevron station on Parkway Calabasas in Calabasas about 9am one morning, I was standing behind him in line and saw the purchase. I saw him get into Justin’s silver car and Justin was sitting in the passanger seat. When I walked out I said you guys are about to roll one up. I looked into the car and justin put his finger to his mouth to say shush, don’t tell anyone, so I didn’t .I figured he smoked week then.” – Louis

At the end of the day, you make up your own mind about what really happened but should have “all” the facts before you do so.

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