Jessica Alba at the Toronto Film Festival 2007
Jessica Alba at the Toronto Film Festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) Actress Jessica Alba has taken off her many scarves and finally showed us what is underneath all that fabric – one kicking body!

Jessica Alba and her hubby Cash Warren took their brood down to Cabo San Lucas to enjoy the beginning of 2013 and the girl is got some back. 

Jessica Alba’s body is extremely taut with no stretch marks from her pregnancies to be seen.  Her derriere is hard as a rock and looks just as good as it did eight years ago!

Goes to show you girls, if you eat healthy, workout everyday, you too can have a kicking body. 

Since Jessica Alba’s every move is covered everyday, the paparazzi know that she does not have any hired full time nannies.  The woman runs a business, juggles a family life, is a famous actress but still finds time to carve time out her body.

Check out Jessica Alba’s amazing derriere here!
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