Celebrities always talk about how people on the Internet write mean things about them, some even swear off the Internet and refuse to read mean comments about them. So it was revealing to see Jessica Simpson‘s reaction to a mean tweet about being called fat, Ray Romano‘s reaction to being called a turd, and Matt LeBlanc reaction to being called old.

The culprit behind this hilarious segment is Jimmy Kimmel, who in honor of Twitter‘s 6th anniversary, asked celebs to read mean tweets about themselves on camera and he then put it together in a series of videos called, Mean Tweets on his nightly show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the second series of the segment, Former teen idol, Justin Bieber, reads his mean tweet, and is not thrilled with the result –

Jimmy Fallon Show/YouTube

Singer Katy Perry reacts hilariously saying she posted the mean tweet herself –

Jimmy Fallon Show/YouTube

Matt LeBlanc gets angry after reading his mean ‘old’ tweet – he has a brief chuckle and then tells the twitter, “why don’t you go F yourself!” and storm away.

Jimmy Kimmel Show/YouTube


There are two more parts to this hilarious segment, celebs like Selena Gomez react to a mean tweet about her lousy music, Jessica Simpson reacts to being called fat, and Elisabeth Moss flips the bird after being called ugly.

Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

Funny as this may be, it brings light to a serious issue, cyber bullying.

Celebrities get the brink of the bullying by the nature of their jobs, people have a tendency to believe that celebrities are indestructible because they are on the big screen and magazines, but nothing could be further from the truth.

They get hurt just as easily as anyone else when a nasty comment is made about them no matter how strong they might seem.

Best advice for any celebrity is to avoid reading comments about them on the net so that they can shield themselves from that negative feedback.

However, that’s unlikely because they are bound to take a peek once in a while.  After all, they’re just human!

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that are getting bullied on the net.  Regular people are losing their lives because they can’t take the bullying any longer, so they choose to take their lives instead

Help make a stop to cyber bullying here!



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