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(Calabasas, CA) Singer Justin Bieber got a lesson from his 6’4′-212-pound-former-NFL-player neighbor who was done with the rebellious singers wild antics and wanted to confront him about him speeding around their private neighborhood.

It all happened on Memorial Day weekend inside Justin Bieber and Keyshawn Johnson‘s ultra luxurious complex, where the former NFL player was peacefully driving his kids back home from a private party – when, low and behold – Justin Bieber speeds past him at crazy speeds in his Ferrari.

The very mature, Keyshaw Johnson, first took his kids home and then went after Justin who allegedly was scared sh*tless and drove back to his home when confronted by him.

Keyshaw then proceed to lock Justin’s Ferrari in his driveway to confront him, but Justin Bieber ran inside like a little boy.

The cops were called and TMZ alleges that Justin’s and Keyshaw neighbors are on Keyshwa’s side and saw Justin Bieber speeding around their neighborhood while stoned.

Our paparazzi sources reveal to us that Justin Bieber was spotted at a pool party at a swanky West Hollywood hotel on Memorial Day, where he was seeing partying it up with his friends at a private cabana.  He was allegedly later seen asking hot girls at the pool party to join him for a private affair at his Calabasas home.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.


This video is old footage of Justin Bieber speeding around Los Angeles.  The guy is getting quite the reputation around LA!

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