(ELMO/PRIME) Kendall Jenner quickly becoming the favorite Kardashian

Since Kim Kardashian is gone into hiding to lose all her baby weight and spend time with her baby, the paparazzi can rest assured that at least they have Kendall Jenner to help fill the void.

Being one of the younger sisters of the famous Kardashian clan, Kendall has taken the backseat to her older sisters as far as the lime light is concerned, but that is in the past.

Now that she is rapidly becoming a super model, growing up, and having her most famous sister take a break from the lime light, Kendall Jenner is bound to become the next paparazzi magnet, and might even replace her more famous sisters as the paparazzi ‘favorite’.

(ELMO/PRIME) Kendall Jenner resembles a young Sandra Bullock
English: Bullock Sandra in Cannes
English: Bullock Sandra in Cannes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With fresh looks that resemble superstar, Sandra Bullock, a waist to die for, she is just 17 after all, and the right amount of ‘it girl’ factor, Kendall Jenner is fast becoming the favorite Kardashian.

With Kim K claiming that she is done with reality television, a Kendall and Kylie spinoff doesn’t seem  too far from reality.  The question is, would you watch?

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