(Kris Jenner/Facebook) Kris Jenner holds a baby Nori look-a-like.

(Los Angeles, CA) Kris Jenner wants ratings for her talk show, The Kris Jenner Show, and she will go to any lengths to get it.  Even holding a newborn baby in her arms that could be mistaken for baby North West, and posting it with – “You never know who will stop by our show today #WatchKris”.

Kris Jenner has been promoting her talk show debut lately, and she had been asked several times if baby Nori was going to make her debut on her show, which Kris never flat out denied.  All she kept saying is that you have to tune in and watch.

Now she has taken it a step further, and posting a pic online of her holding a baby, and alluding that it’s her granddaughter, even though its not, this according to TMZ.

TMZ say they have sources that told them that the baby in the picture is not baby Nori.  It’s a staff members baby but Kris is milking the fake story to her advantage and making it seem like it might be.

Kris famous grand daughter, North West or ‘Nori’ as her family likes to call their prodigy baby, (we say prodigy because we know Kanye and Kim probably think so), has not made her public debut and Kim and Kanye have said they don’t want their baby to be exposed to the limelight.

It’s no surprise that Kris Jenner, being the business savvy woman she is, is using the media to her advantage.  Now let’s see how long it takes her favorite daughter, Kim Kardashian, to follow her step and cash in on baby North West.


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