(New York, NY)  Actress Jennifer Aniston is notoriously anti-paparazzi, so it was a surprise when we saw this recent paparazzi picture of her actually smiling and waving to camera.

What on God’s-good-earth is going on?

Oh! We get it! She is holding her trusty sponsored SmartWater bottle for all the world to see and the paparazzi to shoot. 

It is the only way Jennifer Aniston will ever happily give up pictures to the paparazzi, when she is somehow benefiting for it.

Notice how nicely she is holding the bottle so the SmartWater label is clearly shown so that when the paparazzi shoot her, voila!, instant advertisement for SmartWater, and instant cash in Aniston’s pocket. 

You see, no matter who the star is, you are being sold products without you realizing it.  Have you ever wondered why certain stars always drink the same water, wear the same brand, or eat at the same place, all the time?  That, my friend, is a modern form of advertisement where celebrities have become walking billboards for major companies and getting paid major bucks for it.  The more magazines and media outlets they get, the bigger their paycheck becomes.

Another reason why celebrities can’t live without paparazzi, even if they tried.


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