Kanye West
Kanye West (Photo credit: NRK P3)

(Los Angeles, CA)  Singer Kanye West has hired Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer, Shawn Holley, because if she can get Lindsay Lohan out of trouble, she should have no problem lying defending Kanye West against high power attorney, Gloria Allred.

In her first line of defense for Kanye West, Shawn Holley, alleges that Kanye west attacked the paparazzo, Daniel Ramos, because he was scared for his safety and had to go on the defense.  In official court documents she filled in Los Angeles she said –

Daniel Ramos is not entitled to relief of any claims set forth in the complaint,” it continues, “Daniel Ramos willfully and wrongfully caused Kanye West to reasonably believe his safety was in immediate danger.  Kanye West responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonable necessary for his self-defense and safety and was justified in doing those acts.

Kanye West must of felt really threatened by the paparazzo, who kept pleading with him and telling him that he didn’t want to fight.  Even physically moving away from Kanye West twice while talking to him so he could avoid a confrontation with him.

The paparazzi only asked Kanye West questions about his ‘new rule‘ about the paparazzi not talking to him when Kanye decided to turn on the pesky paparazzi for asking too many questions.  He even told the paparazzi as he is walking to attack him, I know what you want me to do, you want to get me in trouble so I attack you so I can give you $250,000, and as the paparazzi is telling him “No, no, no, Kanye, I don’t want to fight!”, Kanye launches at him and attempts to wrestle his camera out of his hand.

It seems Kanye West and his new lawyer could not come up with anything else but self-defense for Kanye’s defense since there is no other reasonable reason why Kanye would attack a photographer for daring to speak to him after he forbade it.



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