English: American actress Christina Applegate.

(Los Angeles, CA) Actress Christina Applegate had a rough Sunday, when her hubby, Martyn LeNoble, got physical with a shutterbug when the paparazzi tried to get pictures of the famous family at a kids birthday party.

Martyn LeNoble, the band bassist for the band Porno for Pyros , decided to confront the paparazzi who was taking the pictures and asked him to leave but the paparazzi stood his ground and refused to leave.

Things then allegedly got confrontational between the two and police were called over to diffuse the situation.

TMZ has video of Martyn LeNoble being placed in cuffs after the incident and explaining his side of the situation.  In the video, he can be overheard giving his account of the events, telling the LAPD – “he started taking pictures of my child, I let my family go in, I came outside to talk to him, and he got physical with me.”

The police then ask him how the paparazzi got physical with him but the sound becomes inaudible in the video until Martyn LeNoble turns more towards the paparazzi filming the incident, and loudly say, “you know what they do, they try to provoke a fight, and then they film it and then they sell it!”

Then he continues his rant, some audible some not, and says that the paparazzi threatened him with physical violence by saying, “let’s see what kind of man you are, and lets go to the alley and fight!”.

The paparazzi did not press charges but TMZ is saying that Martyn LeNoble might.  It is unlikely, since his whole defense was that the paparazzi was taking pictures of his daughter, the only way that would be illegal is if the Paparazzi Deterrent law had gone into effect, which it will not until January 2014.

The web community is reacting to this story, Tenley, a reader from the TMZ wrote:


Let’s see — any non-famous adult male in Washington, D.C. decides to hit someone with a camera (may be a professional, may be a tourist) in public where there are lots of kids at the monuments? Yeah no. That’s assault. WTH are these celebrities thinking?

While Luledz wrote-


papparazzi need to know there boundries, seems like there needs to be laws made to enforce boundries

The never-ending battle between the paparazzi and the celebs is about to get even more intense when the Paparazzi Deterrent law actually goes into effect next year.

One thing is for sure, the LAPD is going to be taking up their valuable time to mediate between two lovers who can’t get along but can’t live without each other at the same time.

TMZ obtained the video footage shot by the paparazzi who got into the confrontation with Martyn LeNoble and it backs-up the story that LeNoble was asked by the paparazzo to go to the alley and fight, but also proves the point of the paparazzo that LeNoble was indeed the one that did the hitting.
The heated exchange in the video shows Martyn LeNoble coming out to confront the paparazzi who is outside the birthday party, on a public street, filming the incident.  Martyn is heard being verbally abusing towards the paparazzi as the paparazzi is trying to tell him that he was trying to stay respectful and stay far away.  Martyn doesn’t seen to care what the paparazzi is saying and continues his rant against him while the paparazzi films.
The paparazzi then gets agitated and stops filming him directly but keeps the camera on and proceeds to tell Martyn – “Let’s go fight over there!  Let’s go to the alley and see if you are a man!”.  Martyn is heard saying – “really?!” 
Martyn starts to walk to the party, when the paparazzi keeps filming him, and Martyn obviously agitated, hits the camera and knocks it off. 
The paparazzi picks up the camera from the ground and tells him, “you’re totally fucked!”.  Martyn then tells him to touch him and pap tells him, “I am not going to touch you, you touched me!”.

The rest is history.

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