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English: Michelle Rodriguez at the New York Fa...
 Michelle Rodriguez  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(New York, NY) Actress Michelle Rodriguez, better known for her roles in the Fast and Furious series, looked smashed as she sat courtside with her female companion, model, Cara Delevinge at a Knicks Game.

The formerly troubled actress looked to be on something other than just alcohol as she looked dazed and confused and completely out of it as she nuzzled her female companion during the middle of the game.

Half of the game, Michelle Rodriguez eyes looked to be rolling back and she could barely hold herself up in her seat.

The fun didn’t end there.

As the girlfriends left the venue, Michelle Rodriguez proceeded to fall into her Fast and the Furious character and appeared to be trying to Karate kick the paparazzi as she left.

This comes as a surprise since Michelle Rodriguez has had a troubled past with alcohol and even went to rehab, served community service at a morgue, and was placed in a 3 year probation for driving under the influence, a hit and run, and driving under a suspended license back in 2004.

Perhaps the actress is having a hard time dealing with the untimely death of her co-star, Paul Walker, and is grieving in this outwardly way.  Whatever it is, we hope she gets back in track and doesn’t spiral out of control.


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