(instagram) Justin Bieber parties with P.Diddy in spite of legal woes.

Troubled singer, Justin Bieber, seems to have a really amazing legal team because the rebellious star keeps breaking the law and carrying a smile while doing it.

Justin Bieber has ran into a bevy of legal troubles this year –  beating up his limo driver in Canada,  being arrested in Florida for a D.U.I and now it looks like he will be prosecuted for ‘eggate’ for maliciously throwing eggs at his neighbors house and damaging it.

He first got arrested on in Miami, where the cops pulled him over for drag racing and alleged that there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from Bieber’s car.

During his stint to the jail house, Justin Bieber seemed to find it amusing and even gave an ‘Elvis-Presley-like’ smile when he took his mugshot and styled his hair like the famous icon.

On the way out, he payed tribute to another troubled singer, the deceased Michael Jackson, who famously got on top of his SUV after leaving a courthouse – Bieber happily copied and got on top of his SUV to wave to his waiting fans as he exited the courthouse.

He then flew to Panama to do an impromptu music video for a mini-vacay before heading to Canada and facing the judge for beating up his limo driver.

All this after Justin Bieber got raided by the cops in his home and various drug paraphernalia and jars of marijuana where found scattered through his house.

He was charged for assault in Canada after he allegedly struck the limo driver for not keeping to his standards as far as how loud the music in the limo should be.

He then got a warning that he was on the Homeland Security Watch, (yup, the kind terrorist are on), and he proceeded to get on a private plane, Super Bowl bound, and smoked so much marijuana during his flight that he forced the pilots to use oxygen masks so that they wouldn’t get a contact high. 

Homeland Security checked the flight and found traces of smoke in the cabin but came out empty handed when it came to actually obtaining proof that he was smoking himself.  He was allowed to go after 6 hours of interrogation and search.

At the end of the day, there is one thing, and one thing only that is vividly clear – Justin Bieber has zero respect for any kind of law and clearly believes it doesn’t apply to him.  So far, he seems to be right.

Check out Justin Bieber’s path of destruction on CNN here!

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