(Austin, TX) Singer, Lady Gaga, has gone to a new low to give entertainment to her fans by allowing a woman to vomit green vile on her while she performed a song on stage.

It all happened at the newly popular, SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, where Lady Gaga proceeded to perform her anti-society song, ‘Swine’, when she had a beautiful woman drink a green potion that she proceeded to regurgitate right on top of Lady Gaga. Really!


The disgusting act is a far reach for Lady Gaga who has self-admitted that she has suffered from the eating disorder, Bulimia, in the past, where sufferers throw-up their food for psychological reasons and emotional pain.

Instead of helping her ‘little monsters’, as she likes to call her fans, she is hurting them by glamorizing an act that itself is a desperate call for attention from the victims who don’t know how to express their pain otherwise.

It is not to be looked as art, or cool, or different but as the disgusting act that it is.

We adore Lady Gaga but we must say, this time you got it dead wrong!


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