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(New York, NY) We just got some exclusive news from our paparazzi sources who are telling us that Jennifer Aniston‘s bodyguard allegedly tackled a photographer as he was trying to get shots of the camera shy star.

It all happened at Nobu restaurant in downtown New York City as she left the restaurant and got into her car and the paparazzo attempted to photograph her.

Allegedly, the bodyguard tackled the photographer so he couldn’t get a shot of Aniston, who as usual did not want to give up any pictures to the paparazzi.

We hear that the paparazzo plans to make charges against the bodyguard and is on his way to make a police report.

The paparazzo alleges he wasn’t doing anything illegal and was only trying to get a run-of-the-mill shot of Aniston as she exited the restaurant.

The minute we get more news on this breaking story we will let you know.


In the effort to get the news as fast as we get them, we accidentally posted Los Angeles instead of New York City.  The event took place in Nobu in New York not in Los Angeles.  We appreciate our readers for pointing out the mistake.


UPDATE: (Monday 13, 2013)

We have been trying to gather as much info as we can for you, this is what we have gotten so far from our sources-

1) Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux were both at the restaurant, we initially reported that it was just her

2) The pics of the famous couple out on the web are the pictures taken by the paparazzo just before he allegedly had his camera, broken after he shot Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux leaving the restaurant

3) The photographer was reported to have been at a police station in NYC to make a criminal complaint against Jennifer Aniston’s bodyguard, who he says, broke his camera after he shot them coming out of Nobu

4) Our paparazzi sources continue to stand by their story and alleged it all happened on Saturday night right after this shots were taken.

5) There are no pictures of the incident because the paparazzo was the sole photographer present, therefore no one else was there to document the incident.

We still are gathering information on this story and as soon as we hear more details, we will bring them to you.

The story is still developing…

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    • Anonymous -

    • 05/12/2013 at 06:05 am

    Interesting, as Aniston is in New York tonight.

    • Anonymous -

    • 05/13/2013 at 00:48 am

    Photos of Aniston and her fiance and bodyguard leaving the restaurant are on the web and show no signs of any altercation. Additionally there’s been no coverage of this story by any media outlets you would expect to cover it. What’s the truth? Was there any attack or is this just made up BS as it seems to be at the moment?

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