(Las Vegas, NV) Las Vegas is dazzling on a daily basis but on Dec. 27, the opening night for Britney Spears Las Vegas residency show, the whole place was vibrating, and there was only one pop princess on everyone’s mind, Britney Spears.

As big as her fame is the pool of Britney Spears doubters who believed the once unstoppable pop queen has lost her throne to younger and edgier pop divas such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, however, that wasn’t apparent in Las Vegas streets, where the talk of the town was – do you have tickets for Britney Spears opening show at Planet Hollywood?, instead of, do you have tickets for Miley Cyrus opening night at Beacher’s Madhouse?

As celebrity fans flocked to Las Vegas to catch a glimpse of the pop queen who had proclaimed that this show was going to be a piece of her on stage, fitting, since the tittle of her Las Vegas spectacular show is ‘A Piece of Me’.
As famous people such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Adam Lambert filled their front row seats for the most sought after show in a while, Britney Spears was preparing to give one of the best performances of her life.

The whole place was vibrating with electric energy aimed at one of the only performers who can transcend ages and bring people of all ages together into a giddy sense of ecstasy as they watch her move her famous curves across the stage and move from song to song seamlessly.

Britney didn’t just have her fans on their toes, the ‘it’ girl of the hour, Miley Cyrus seemed to be enthralled by the pop starlet and geeked out when Britney said hi to her.  Stars, are they really just like us?

With 23 songs under her belt, Britney Spears treated her audience to a spectacular performance with non-stop action and plenty of lip-synching, but hey, don’t let those other stars fool you into thinking that they can perform fast-paced choreography and sing well at the same time.  Only a very select few can do that as we all found out via Beyonce.

The main highlights of the show included a megatron sized screen that took up half of the room and was widely used for the incredible special effects during the show, Britney floating like an angel as she sings one of her best ballads, ‘Everytime’, and her being flung into the audience as she sings, ‘Toxic’.

Critics eat your heart out, Britney Spears is in amazing physical shape!

Everyone can kiss Britney’s curvy derriere! She killed it during her opening performance at Planet Hollywood!

Wow! Will the action ever stop? The simple answer – No!

Britney Spears, A Piece of Me, is by far one of the best Las Vegas shows, actually, best show of all time, with non-stop action and hit after hit of Britney’s best material.  This kinda show only comes along once in a great while.

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