Britney Spears has released her new single, ‘Perfume’, on her Facebook account and we must say we are quite addicted.

Britney Spears brings out this love ballad and say’s on her Facebook account, ‘this is like sharing a piece of my heart’, and if it’s so, Britney might be longing for one of her ex’s.

Which one? we wonder, but the only one that truly comes to mind is the one that got away, Justin Timberlake.  It seems Britney and Justin were meant to be together forever back in the day and things ended badly when Justin alleged that Britney cheated on him with his song, “Cry Me a River”.

Both parties have gone on about their way, Britney has been married twice, and engaged once, while Justin Timberlake went on to date many of Hollywood’s starlets, including his current wife, actress, Jessica Biel.

The song seems to be encrypted for a message for someone, with lyrics like, “Is there still longing there?  Oh I hate myself, and I feel crazy. Such a classic tale, current girlfriend, ex girlfriend, I’m trying to be cool.”

Oh Britney, What are you trying to tell us?!

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