(Lesley Garcia/ The crowds come out after a blistering hot day to walk the massive grounds

(Indio, CA) The equivalent to the “Woodstock” of our time, Coachella Music Festival, is a magnet for all types of celebrities and people alike.

The massive music festival is held in a large polo field out in the middle of nowhere, a.k.a. Indio, where the temperatures soared to a blistering 105 degrees Fahrenheit at this years Coachella.  Coachella began as an underground music festival, where hipsters joined to celebrate music and life in general.

Now it has become a mainstream event, where major companies like Lancoste, Rolling Stone Magazine, and others hold parties for the celebrities to attend similar to the ones held before major award shows.

(Lesley Garcia/ A band performs at Coachella 2012

The event has become so popular because through out it’s history it has attracted music heavy weights and up and coming bands alike.  From Pink Floyd to Radiohead, Prince to Dre, Snoop, and Eminnem, the type of acts you will find performing the same day at Coachella is unlike any other music festival of our time. 

Celebrities flock to the event and hang out and listen to music just like everyone else, laughing and having a good time with their friends as they enjoy music from various acts while sitting on the grass.  This years Coachella attracted so many celebrities, you would have thought the Oscars were taking place.

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Some of the celebrities found at this years Coachella, that we personally saw there, were Alicia Silverstone and her sweet baby Bear, Dave Chappelle, David Arquette and new girlfriend, Joe Jonas, Busy Philipps and Dita Von Teese sipping on margaritas, True Blood’s resident wolf, Joe Manganiello chowing down on a cold watermelon, while supermodel and Tranformers actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was spotted chatting it up and lip synching to the music.

(Lesley Garcia/ Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hangs out with gal pals at Coachella 2012

(Lesley Garcia/ True Blood actor, Joe Manganiello cools down with a watermelon

This is the first year Cochella has held it’s sought after event for two weekend in a row.  The first weekend was even more star studded, seeing celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, and Gerard Butler amongst many more.

(Lesley Garcia/
(Lesley Garcia/
(Lesley Garcia/

Besides the amazing music line-up’s, Coachella is known for it’s fantastic over sized art that is very unique to the music festival.  It’s candy for the eyes as you walk around in the music wonderland that can easily be mistaken for the world of “Alice in Wonderland”.

(Lesley Garcia/ Coachella at night.
(Lesley Garcia/ Coachella at night.
(Lesley Garcia/ Coachella at night

The magic at Coachella really happens at night time, when the whole place becomes a psychedelic trip of lights and special effects, featured at every corner you turn.  The crowds at night are all naturally high from the experience or are high because of mind altering substances that are just as synonymous with the music festival as their legendary music line-up’s.

(Lesley Garcia/ Everyone enjoys a different beat at night time in Coachella.

The staff at Coachella tries to keep heavy drugs under control but marijuana smoke can be smelled and almost tasted at every turn you take.  As if in the parallel world of Coachella, marijuana has become as equally mundane as lighting up a cigarette.

At the end of the day, Coachella is something to at be experienced at least once, but it certainly is not something to do every year.  With the over 100 degree weather, the lack of shade, massive crowds, Coachella is not for the faint of heart, however, it is an experience to be had.



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