London, UK – ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actress, Dakota Johnson, took the plunge in a white halter dress for the UK premiere of the long-anticipated erotic film.  The newcomer nearly fell out of her low-cut dress as she exited her limo…

but avoided the wardrobe mishap by using her silver and white clutch to cover a possible nip-slip.

Dakota Johnson is rejoicing since fans of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy were hesitant of her taking on the role of their beloved ‘Anastasia Steel’ but she proved them wrong when the film broke records by raking in an estimated $90.7 million domestically and an estimated $158 million internationally for the film’s debut. That’s a total of $248.7 million on the first weekend alone!


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The real astronomical numbers remain to be seen and are sure to hit close to a billion once the film is released for home viewing and DVD.

With this numbers Dakota Johnson and James Dornan are officially on the paparazzi hit list and expect to be seeing a lot more of them like you would Taylor Swift parading herself in front of her NY Pad and Kim Kardashian going to the gym in skin-tight yoga pants.

Let’s hope they are ready for the ride!






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