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(Los Angeles, CA) Actress Halle Berry and her fiance Oliver Martinez, along with her daughter Nahla, were greeted by a throng of photographers awaiting their arrival at LAX and it proved to be too much for the “The Call” star.

Halle Berry lost her cool when the 30+ photographers attempted to get the best shot of her and her family and some got too close for comfort and she lost it.

She was seen screaming at the paparazzi as she and Oliver made their short walk to their awaiting vehicle.

“GET AWAY, THERE’S A CHILD! JESUS!”, Halle Berry screamed at the paparazzi, while at the same time, Oliver Martinez pushed and kicked another photog in the group of photographers.

The photog has an immediate reaction and stops taking photos and asks Oliver Martinez – “why you shoot me? why you shoot me?” (the photog appears to be foreign and has confused the word “push” with “shoot”).

Oliver Martinez continues into the car with Nahla, ignoring the photog, as Halle Berry screams by the car “THERE’S A CHILD HERE! THAT’S WHY YOU IDIOTS!”

Then Oliver Martinez seems to have enough of the photog shouting after him after the guy grabs Oliver’s jacket to prevent him from going in the car, and attempts to get out of the car to go fight.

Halle Berry forces him back in the car and scolds him, “Oliver, NO! Oliver NO!”

The door is then shut and the angry duo ride off in their limo.

Editors Note:
It’s been our experience that the harder the celebrity makes it for the paparazzi to get a shot, the harder the paparazzi will attempt to do it.  If she would have walked out normally, like other celebrities with kids do, by not covering her face, then the paparazzi throng wouldn’t become so desperate to get a shot.

When a celebrity refuses to give a shot, it becomes a desperate group who will attempt almost anything to be the ones to get the ‘one’ shot where the celeb accidentally lets their guard down and the paparazzi is able to get their face.

Whether it’s a good thing or not that celebrities are expected to give up shots of themselves and their loved ones is not the question, it is just the way things are.

If Halle Berry wants to make life easier on herself and family, she either needs to give in to the requirements fame has now, or she just needs to get out of Hollywood all together and move to the midwest where many famous people have managed to live normal lives without all the paparazzi attention and then take flights into Los Angeles or New York only when need be.



Since we brought you this story, the story has unraveled and now it has been reported that the whole problem began when Oliver Martinez, while carrying Nahla, kicked paparazzo Silvano Faccio as Halle Berry was cursing at the paparazzi.

TMZ Video Still

Paparazzo Silvan Faccio is seen in the above video still, after being kicked by Oliver Martinez, walking past Halle Berry to go confront Oliver Martinez on why he kicked him.

Read more on the update here on Daily Mail!

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