Hollywood Hunk and  former People Magazine ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ still has crazy sex appeal 14 years later at the NYC movie screening for ‘Fury’.

Brad Pitt looked sexy in a metallic grey blazer, dark denim jeans, worn boots, and vintage fedora as he walked past his fans to the screening of his and Shia LaBeouf’s war film.

According to the UK’s DailyMail, Brad and Shia, got into fist fights on a daily basis because no one wanted to hit ‘Brad’ originally, so to ease the tension, him and Shia would get into sparring matches. “It worked, it bonded us, fighting between a group of boys is really intimate. We love each other”, said Shia, about play fighting with Brad Pitt while filming the war film.

As long as they don’t hurt that pretty face, go at it boys! See how far your testosterone will take ya!


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