Jennifer doesn’t want anyone near her kids school, but unfortunately for her and any other celebrity, it’s a public alleyway where she usually exits and the front of the school is a very public street.

In all honesty, I believe there should be a buffer zone and paparazzi should follow it. The problem is that if a celebrity covers their face, then the paparazzi needs to attempt anything they can to get a picture of the face. That’s when the mess starts.

When I began working the job, we all hid in our cars and tried our very best to stay away. We wanted the most natural, candid shot. Nowadays, there are so many photographers because of the advance of digital photography that it’s nearly impossible to hide. If you do, then someone else wont and you will get screwed. I do hope they pass a buffer zone law but they also have to make it realistic and make it work for both the celebrity or the paparazzi and or it will never work.

The other big problem happened when Arnold Schwarzenegger passed the anti-paparazzi law back in 2005 which restricted paparazzi from shooting celebrities during their daily lives. Problem being is that this law goes against the first amendment. Back in 1999 they also passed a law that prohibited paparazzi from using telephoto lenses to acquire their pictures.

Therefore if you cannot use a telephoto lenses to acquire your pictures, you have to be up close and personal because you can only use a normal lens. Technology in digital photography, anti-paparazzi law, anti-photo lens law has created all of this dramatic turn of events with the relationship of the paparazzi and the celebrity.

Hopefully with a reasonable buffer zone and the use of telephoto lenses again, the relationship of the paparazzi and the celebrities can be mended.

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