From Left: Jesse James, Jason Lee, Amaryllis K...Image by Custom Motorcycles via Flickr

Word out in the paparazzi realm is that Jesse James just attacked a photographer outside his shop Westcoast Choppers. It appears that Jesse James had an altercation with all the paparazzi that followed him to his daughters school, and ‘all’ the paparazzi that were there decided to leave him alone.
One poor paparazzo who is notorious for showing up late at the scene, showed up after all the paparazzi left unaware of the earlier altercation, and parked up to check out the scene. Jesse James thought that the guy was probably there to cause problems, and pointed the paparazzo out before retrieving back into his shop. Word has it that Jesse James came back out with his pals and pulled a Travis Barker on the paparazzo.
It is rumored that Jesse James and his friends slashed the paparazzo’s tires, punched his car and made threats. Someone is supposed to be arrested but it is unclear who.

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