Jessica Biel in Palm Springs International Fil...
Jessica Biel in Palm Springs International Film Festiva. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Puerto Rico) Actress Jessica Biel unintentionally showed off her best assets this weekend while frolicking in the waters of Puerto Rico.

The “Total Recall” actress was spotted by the paparazzi looking stunning in a string bikini that hugged her every curve.

Jessica Biel played in the ocean and nonchalantly gave beach goers a full view of her rock hard derriere.  Besides her famous booty, Jessica Biel looked toned from top to bottom.  

The most interesting thing is that Jessica was fully covered on the top, wearing a tight O’neall long sleeve shirt that only gave a slight glimpse of her bikini top.

Her toned derriere was the only thing exposed but the shirt she was wearing was so tight that it allured to the the rest of her amazing body.

Not one ounce of fat on that woman’s body!

No wonder Justin Timberlake put a ring on it!!

Check out the hot paparazzi pictures of Jessica Biel in Puerto Rico here!


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