This Is the Remix (Jessica Simpson album)
This Is the Remix (Jessica Simpson album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Los Angeles, CA) Singer Jessica Simpson gained over 50 pounds while pregnant with her baby girl Maxwell Drew, and now the star is allegedly having a really hard time losing the extra weight. 

Jessica Simpson let loose while she was pregnant with her baby girl by eating fried chicken, captain crunch and lots of peanut butter, which catapulted her to 210 pounds at the height of her pregnancy. 

The overweight singer is now under pressure to lose the extra baby weight because she signed on a reportedly 4 million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to loose most of the baby weight in just five months. 

Jessica Simpson is so ‘stressed‘ over the situation that she has supposedly cried before having to head out to the gym because she feels so pressured and doesn’t want to leave her baby behind.

Jessica Simpson is just one in a string of celebrities who have been payed by the diet company Weight Watchers to lose excess weight.  Other famous spokespeople for Weight Watchers have been Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson.

See the first paparazzi pics of Jessica Simpson post pregnancy body here. 


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