John Mayer performing on the CBS Early Morning...
John Mayer performing on the CBS Early Morning Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image edited from live performance of Katy Per...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(NYC, NY) Singers John Mayer and Katy Perry spend a whole day together to celebrate John Mayer’s 35th birthday and they looked glum instead of looking happy to be together. 

The on/off lovers were first spotted during the day going to lunch looking unhappy as they entered a restaurant, then they were spotted leaving John Mayer’s apartment building to go to dinner looking just as glum.

It could be they are unhappy because the paparazzi frenzy they created after being spotted back together.  The duo are not keen on the shutterbugs and seemed to be irritated by the photogs taking their picture.

It seems John Mayer has been more attentive to Katy Perry – who reportedly broke up with John because he wasn’t being attentive enough.

Do you think John Mayer is a changed man for Katy Perry? Weigh in and let us know.

See the paparazzi pictures here of the duo heading out to dinner here!


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